Ask Robert C. Drennen, M.S., M.Ed., CFPS, CFO, CFI

Robert C. Drennen, M.S., M.Ed., CFPS, CFO, CFI

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Robert Drennen is currently a tenured faculty member in the Fire Science Program at Montgomery County Community College, where he has been an instructor for over thirty years. In addition, he is also the Program Coordinator of the Fire Science Program at Community College of Philadelphia. He has been the Director of the Public Safety Institute at Saint Joseph’s University, as well as the Director of the Graduate Programs in Homeland Security and Environmental Protection/Safety. Within the Institute, he has continued to oversee the students’ development and to supervise them in submission of a thesis, many of which involve specialized evaluations of their local emergency service organization. Under the direction of Mr. Drennen, the University worked with Dr. Jenaway in the development of an efficient and effective model for business to utilize in the preparation, prevention, response and recovery to emergencies as well as projects for the National Volunteer Fire Council involving volunteer recruitment, retention and cost savings. He is a retired Battalion Officer and 24 year veteran of the Philadelphia Fire Department. He has also served as a Safety Officer in the Willow Grove Volunteer Fire Company and the Chief Fire Official in Upper Moreland Township, which is served by a combination fire department. His experience provides him with a unique insight and understanding of current trends in volunteer and combination fire service operations in the Mid-Atlantic States.

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