FY 2020 NHTSA Office of EMS Annual Update

Technical BulletinLast updated Thursday, October 15, 2020
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The NHTSA Office of EMS Annual update includes the information on the following topics;

Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Advancing EMS Systems including State EMS Assessments, Nomenclature of the the EMS Profession, National EMS Assessment 2020 and Motor Vehicle Occupant Survey.

Promoting Education including National EMS Education Standards Revision

Supporting Research including Field Trauma Triage Guidelines Update, Prehospital Airway Management Systematic Review and Evidence-based Guideline for EMS Management of Acute Pain.

Enhancing the EMS Workforce including Fatigue Risk Management in EMS.

Promoting Safety through characterization of EMS Ambulance Driver Training in EMS Systems.

Using EMS Data to Improve Patient Care through the National EMS Information Management System - NEMSIS and the Development of EMS Quality Measures.

Enabling Preparedness through Stop the Bleed.

Supporting 911 Systems via Next Generation 911 for Public Safety and 911 DataPath.

FICEMS projects included Helping Insure Pre-Hospital and Hospital Data Integration, ET3 and New EMS Funding Mechanisms and a new FICEMS Strategic Plan.

NEMSAC projects included trauma priorities, PPE and Opioid Emergencies and EMS Recruitment and Retention.



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