VFIS Winter-Spring 2021 Webinar Series

TrainingLast updated Monday, February 15, 2021
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ESO Marketing Essentials  - March 9, 2021 1900-2000

Fire, EMS & 911 centers need to continually market themselves in a coordinated manner to keep the public informed of their mission and readiness to serve. The difficulty of educating the public due to the abstract nature of emergency service is difficult to articulate and comprehend until a citizen makes a call to 911 for emergency services. This session will discuss the basic elements of a marketing plan and how it can be used to promote your ESO.

ESO Information Management - March 17, 2021 1300-1400

ESOs rely on technology to manage data systems and information used in virtually every aspect of the organization’s operation. Financial records, phones, wired and wireless systems, human resource data, confidential information, protected health information, training records and incident response data highlight just a few data areas the Chief Officer must protect. The Chief Officer must know how to retrieve the data for use in decision-making. This session will discuss some best practices related to information management and resources to assist the ESO in safeguarding its information.

Incident investigation - April 13, 2021 1900-2000

This session will provide the background reasons for investigations and best practices to follow during the process. Topics will include having a structured and consistent investigation process and describe methods of recording and reporting information derived from the investigation. Tools and resources to assist in the investigation will also be discussed.

Calm Under Pressure – Customer Service & De-Escalation Techniques for 911 Telecommunicators - April 21, 2021 1300-1400

Calls to 911 are made by citizens are perceived to be one of the worst days of their lives. Whether a fire, medical event, or need for police, the caller is often excited and may be uncooperative. The calm demeanor of the 911 telecommunicator will be the first step in many to help de-escalate the situation. This session will include customer service essentials and techniques to calm the caller.

ESO Boards Member Essentials  - May 11, 2021 1900-2000

The board members of emergency service organizations must ask tough questions to the Chief Officer or Executive. This session will review some of the most common liability issues associated with being a member of a non-profit board. General discussion of case studies will lead to suggestions for improvement and resources available to mitigate board liability.

Evidence-Based Decision Making - May 19, 2021 1300-1400

Data collected in the various information systems of the ESO can be used by the Chief Officer to make a multitude of decisions. While some of the decisions may be obvious, the importance of supporting decisions through data is critical to avoiding costly mistakes and potentially waste of resources. This session will discuss some of the key information systems presented during an earlier webinar and apply the data collected into practical examples supporting evidence-based decisions.

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