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Infographic Firefighter Hydration

Firefighter hydration infographic provided by Montgomery County, MD Fire Department

Article VFIS Employment Practice Update Newsletters

VFIS created 35 newsletters for users on a wide variety of employment practice liability (EPL) subjects.

Technical Bulletin NFFF 2020 Annual Impact Report - Adapting to Change

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation released its annual impact report filled with details related to their activities in 2020.

Technical Bulletin Fading Odorants in Natural Gas and Propane Leaks

NIOSH issues Safety Advisory to fire departments on fading odorants in natural gas and propane leaks

Article National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week April 11-17, 2021

Since 1994 the nation has celebrated National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week during the month of April, which is recognized as National 911 Education Month.

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SOG SOG Sample - Emergency Vehicle Driver Operator Requirements

Assists in establishing & implementing emergency vehicle driver operator reqs

Training VFIS Winter-Spring 2021 Webinar Series

Webinar series sponsored by VFIS and free of charge to participants who register in advance.

Training Next Generation Leadership in Fire and EMS

This one-hour webinar presented by VFIS will discuss challenges faced by ESOs related to succession planning for key positions. February 9, 2021 1900 hours Eastern

Training IS-29.A Public Information Officer Awareness

This course is designed for new or less experienced state, local, tribal and territorial PIOs or those who have this role as a secondary function.

SOG SOG Sample - Probationary Firefighter Training Requirements

Guide and checklist for probationary firefighter training

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