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Technical Bulletin Using Retired Emergency Vehicles as Blocking Vehicles

VFIS risk communique on the use of retired emergency vehicles as blockers for protecting the scene at roadway incidents.

Technical Bulletin North Carolina Transportation Notification System Executive Summary

North Carolina system provides driver's license information at a glance.

Law PA Vehicle Code - Title 75 Subsection 3105

Portion of the Pennsylvania vehicle code related to emergency vehicles.

Law PA Move Over Law - Title 75 Subsection 3327

Pennsylvania Move Over Law

Video Just Like a Fire, Response Time to Cancer Matters

FDSOA Wellness Wednesday video on Response to Cancer. Trust us - it is worth the view!

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Technical Bulletin St. George Hotel Complex 16-Alarm Fire

USFA technical report on the Saint George Hotel Complex fire in Brooklyn, New York

Training IS-29.A Public Information Officer Awareness

This course is designed for new or less experienced state, local, tribal and territorial PIOs or those who have this role as a secondary function.

SOG SOG Sample - Emergency Vehicle Driver Operator Requirements

Assists in establishing & implementing emergency vehicle driver operator reqs

Article Standard Operating Guidelines - An Introduction

Provide a general overview of SOGs, the process for development and timelines for periodic review

Technical Bulletin $15 Million Sight and Sound Theater Fire and Building Collapse

USFA technical report TR-097 on the $15 million Sight and Sound Theater Fire and building collapse in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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