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Technical Bulletin Changing Severity of Home Fires Workshop Report

USFA report from a workshop conducted in 2012 on how changing building construction methods, materials and building contents are affecting the way fires grow and develop

Poster Fire Risk in 2017 Infographic

USFA infographic on most at-risk groups for fire injury and death

Article Mitigating Occupational Injuries for EMS

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) have a higher incidence of on-the-job injury than all other professions

Article Protect Yourself from Fentanyl Exposure

USFA article on drugs and drug paraphernalia and potential exposure concerns

Poster Hear the Beep Where You Sleep

USFA poster on placement and testing of smoke alarms

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SOG SOG Sample - Personal Accountability Procedure

Discusses ability for all members to be located & identified at an incident

SOG SOG Sample - Probationary Firefighter Training Requirements

Guide and checklist for probationary firefighter training

SOG SOG Sample - On the Quiet Response

There are specific types of incidents that, by their nature, are not threatening to life or property. These types of incidents are also known as reduced speed or non-emergency responses

SOG SOG Sample - Personal Vehicle Safety Checklist

This safety checklist is provided for you to conduct a basic safety survey of your organization’s members’ personally owned vehicles. This is not intended to be a mechanical inspection and is not a substitute for one.

SOG SOG Sample - Emergency Vehicle Driver Operator Requirements

Assists in establishing & implementing emergency vehicle driver operator reqs

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