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Training Fall Early Winter 2021 Webinar Series

VFIS and GCA announce the Fall and early Winter Webinar Series topics

Technical Bulletin Active Shooter Events in the US - 2020

The FBI has designated 40 shootings in 2020 as active shooter incidents. This report provides information related to those incidents.

Technical Bulletin Directory of Behavioral Health Professionals

The NVFC developed and updates this directory of behavioral health professionals on a monthly basis.

Technical Bulletin Psychologically Healthy FDs - Implementation Guide

The NVFC developed this implementation guide to help FD leaders promote and foster well-being among their members.

Video Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association discusses response to Champlain Tower collapse

NFPA Metro Fire Chiefs presents discussion on the response to the Champlain Tower collapse in Florida.

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SOG SOG Sample - Emergency Vehicle Driver Operator Requirements

Assists in establishing & implementing emergency vehicle driver operator reqs

Training VFIS Winter-Spring 2021 Webinar Series

Webinar series sponsored by VFIS and free of charge to participants who register in advance.

Training Next Generation Leadership in Fire and EMS

This one-hour webinar presented by VFIS will discuss challenges faced by ESOs related to succession planning for key positions. February 9, 2021 1900 hours Eastern

Training IS-29.A Public Information Officer Awareness

This course is designed for new or less experienced state, local, tribal and territorial PIOs or those who have this role as a secondary function.

SOG SOG Sample - Probationary Firefighter Training Requirements

Guide and checklist for probationary firefighter training

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