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Podcast Cancer in the Fire Service - Part 1

Research has shown that firefighters have a higher risk of developing cancer. Why is this happening and how can fire departments help protect their volunteer and career first responders?

Article PFAS Contaminated Sites and Take Back Programs

The FDSOA provided a bulletin including lists of contaminated sites and state take back programs.

Article New York EMS Cost Recovery Act included in 2023 State Budget

FASNY reports critical fire department EMS cost-recovery is included in the 2023 New York State budget singed into law in early April 2022.

Podcast 911 Center Relationships with ESOs and the Public

In this episode of the Don't Risk It! podcast, Chris Rodgers discusses relationships with ESOs with Mark J. Boudreaux, Executive Director of Terrebonne Parish Communications District.

Podcast Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Sensory Kits

Join host Chris Rodgers as he explores the subject of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) with guest Saranika Griffith.

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SOG SOG Sample - Emergency Vehicle Driver Operator Requirements

Assists in establishing & implementing emergency vehicle driver operator reqs

Training Next Generation Leadership in Fire and EMS

This one-hour webinar presented by VFIS will discuss challenges faced by ESOs related to succession planning for key positions. February 9, 2021 1900 hours Eastern

Training IS-29.A Public Information Officer Awareness

This course is designed for new or less experienced state, local, tribal and territorial PIOs or those who have this role as a secondary function.

SOG SOG Sample - Probationary Firefighter Training Requirements

Guide and checklist for probationary firefighter training

Technical Bulletin Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Business

FEMA document on building a safe room for your home or business during a storm

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