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Article EPA Interim Guidance on How to Say Goodbye to Your Forever Chemicals

Article regarding the interim EPA guidance on destruction and disposal of PFAS

Research Safety Risks to Emergency Responders from Lithium-Ion Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles

The National Transportation Safety Board studied several electric vehicle crashes resulting in fires and one non-crash vehicle fire.

Technical Bulletin Emergency Services Sector Cybersecurity Best Practices

This 2017 document from the Department of Homeland Security describes best practices for the Emergency Services Sector

Podcast Electronic Devices and Social Media Part 1

Hear Mike McCall join the Don't Risk It! podcast highlighting some of the potential challenges facing ESOs with regard to electronic devices and social media use.

Article Response Considerations - Incidents Involving Crowds Following the 2020 National Election

IAFC article on incidents involving crowds following the 2020 National election

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Checklist Emergency Supply Checklist for Parents

This resource from provides a tool for parents to use in helping to build a emergency supply kit

Training IS-29.A Public Information Officer Awareness

This course is designed for new or less experienced state, local, tribal and territorial PIOs or those who have this role as a secondary function.

SOG SOG Sample - Emergency Vehicle Driver Operator Requirements

Assists in establishing & implementing emergency vehicle driver operator reqs

SOG SOG Sample - Infectious Disease Exposure Control Plan

Guideline on preventing and minimizing exposure to communicable diseases

Technical Bulletin Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Business

FEMA document on building a safe room for your home or business during a storm

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