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Jake Hoover

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Anthony “Jake” E. Hoover is an Education Specialist for VFIS Education and Training, a subsidiary of Glatfelter Insurance Group. His responsibilities include providing education and training through a multitude of programs to help reduce risk and promote safety for fire, rescue, and EMS agencies across the United States.

Since 1986, Jake has gained extensive experience in fire, rescue, emergency medical services, and technical rescue. Jake is a retired captain from Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service in Maryland. Prior to that he worked at York Hospital as a senior paramedic coordinating 2 medic units, oversighting an AED Program, and served as a tactical EMS paramedic. He is a life member with Hanover Area Fire and Rescue Services where he had work prior to joining York Hospital Medic 97 but also volunteered since 1989.

Jake has served in many ranks within the fire department including as a chief officer and the assistant to the fire commissioner. He has participated, pioneered, and help develop a technical rescue team with over 20 years of experience. He graduated from St. Joseph’s Paramedic Institute, has an associate’s degree from Harrisburg Area Community College, and bachelor’s degree from Liberty University. He has an extensive teaching background including Harrisburg Area Community College, PA Department of Health, Wellspan Health, and many years in emergency services.

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