Ask Mike McCall J.D.

Mike McCall J.D.

  • Human Resources

Over 20 years with 600+ emergency services organizations, Mike bridges the gap between your unique workplace and co-workers and what should be done to prevent the kinds of personnel issues that can damage people, reputations and budgets.

He has built training and consulting for ESOs exclusively for a few reasons:
Emergency Services is one of the highest-risk industries for personal safety, stress and trauma.
Emergency Services is one of the highest risk industries for workplace misconduct.

Like you, Mike has seen the devastating effects on people and a community when these problems collide. Mike helps you resolve personnel problems in-house rather than in the courthouse or in the court of public opinion in media. He specializes in employment practices, human relations (HR) risk assessments, training and consultation on issues like harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, retaliation, and wrongful termination.
From his years of experience with ESOs, Mike earned a reputation as a speaker at national, regional and state industry conferences like FRI (Fire Rescue International). He published the “Employment Practices Manual,” a risk management guide for EOs, and many industry newsletters on interpreting personnel law in the ESO work place. Mike has served as an independent consultant for Volunteer Fireman’s Insurance Services (VFIS) since 1998.
Mike studied law at Oxford University in Great Britain, earned his law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law and graduated with a BA from the University of Oklahoma as a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Tau Delta.

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