Improving Resilience to High-Impact Weather

Technical BulletinLast updated Wednesday, April 2, 2014
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Healthcare facilities and services provide key underpinnings for a thriving community. Therefore ensuring their resilience to high-impact weather is critical. The resilience of the healthcare system is particularly important against the potential impacts from weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. High-impact weather events of every disaster type continue to wreak havoc every year on local communities across every region of the country. They damage infrastructure and property with an economic impact that is increasing, and more so, they can cause a human impact. The supply and demand for healthcare during and after high-impact weather events creates a pragmatic paradox where the supply decreases when health infrastructure is damaged but the demand increases from the injured and ill victims of the events. This highlights the importance of establishing resilient healthcare facilities and services to serve society, especially during times of great need such as with high-impact weather events. As more communities emerge in areas vulnerable to high-impact weather, the need will grow for resilient healthcare facilities and services.

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