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SOGLast updated Friday, April 5, 2019
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This SOG provides a detailed Paratransit Vehicle Safety program to help vehicle operators perform properly and professionally. Initiating such a program is an important step in building a team of vehicle operators who are capable of fulfilling the vital needs of clients.

Supplemental Resources

Technical Bulletin

Paratransit Operator Proficiency Evaluation Checklist

Use this checklist to evaluate Paratransit vehicle operator competency

Technical Bulletin

Paratransit Vehicle Inspection Guide

Checklist for Paratransit Vehicles

Technical Bulletin

Risk Management for EMS

This booklet provide guidance on EMS Safety and Injury Prevention

Technical Bulletin

Emergency Vehicle Competency Course Scoresheet

Objective means to score a driver's performance in a skills course


Emergency Vehicle Response Guidelines

Basic emergency vehicle response guidelines and how to implement best practices.


Vehicle Driver Safety Checklist

Form used to guide inspection of vehicles before and between uses

Technical Bulletin

Street Highway Off Road Driving Evaluation

Checklist evaluating drivers on various road surfaces


Weekly Emergency Vehicle Report Form

Checklist used to track findings during vehicle inspections


Emergency Vehicle Driver Training - EVDT

Used to gain or verify a broad range of emergency vehicle operation competencies


Wheelchair Client Transport Safety

This program will address key safety concerns related to wheelchair clients including proper use of wheelchair lifts, identification of unsafe equipment and more

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