Active Shooter Incidents in the US in 2019

Technical BulletinLast updated Monday, April 27, 2020
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Active shooter incidents are low- or no-notice events and can happen anywhere. In its report, the FBI reported 28 active shooter incidents in 2019 injuring or killing
247 people. Incidents are recorded in schools, hospitals, houses of worship, places of employment and open areas. They happened in both small towns and large metropolitan areas.

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Technical Bulletin

NFPA 3000 (PS) Standard for Active Shooter-Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program

Nationwide and around the globe, communities are facing an increasing number of tragedies involving active shooter and/or hostile events. The need for an integrated preparedness, response, and recovery program is greater than ever before.


Active Shooter 9-Step Preparedness Approach

This online VFIS-U program is to help you understand an approach to dealing with active shooter situation preparation

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