Reducing Known Risk of Cancer in Firefighters

TrainingLast updated Friday, April 5, 2019
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The InterAgency Board (IAB) released a document entitled "Recommendations Related to Reducing Known Risks of Cancer in Firefighters"; and has given VFIS permission to share this report and program with the fire and EMS community to help reduce cancer cases in fire &EMS personnel.

Supplemental Resources

Technical Bulletin

Cancer Prevention: PPE Decontamination

Highlights importance of cleaning PPE after gear is contaminated

Technical Bulletin

Protect Yourself from Cancer

FCSN poster on steps to take to Protect Yourself from Cancer

Technical Bulletin

Reducing Cancer in the FD

NFA EFO Applied Research Project reviewed the cancer prevention approach for the FD and determine the improvements that could be implemented

Technical Bulletin

Firefighter Cancer Support Network website

Provides assistance and 1-on-1 mentoring to cancer-stricken firefighters

Technical Bulletin

Developing a Cancer Prevention Program

NFA EFO Applied Research Project was to recommend a comprehensive cancer prevention program through adoption of departmental SOPs

Technical Bulletin

Thyroid Cancer in Las Vegas Firefighters

NFA EFO Applied Research Project sought to determine the significance of FDs thyroid cancer rate by identifying the specific disease characteristics and comparing to rates of other similar populations

Technical Bulletin

Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service

The Firefighter Cancer Support Network brought together experts in firefighter cancer in Indianapolis in April 2013. This document is the result of that meeting.

Technical Bulletin

Investigation of Cancer Among Firefighters in Anne Arundel County

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health investigates a possible cancer cluster of Anne Arundel County, MD firefighters

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