The Threat is Real - Emergency Responders are Killed at Struck-By Incidents

ArticleLast updated Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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In 2021, sixty-five (65) United States Emergency Responders consisting of (30) law enforcement, (22) tow truck operators, (9) fire/ems personnel, (2) roadway service technicians and (2) safety service patrol operators were struck and killed on the roadway. Countless others have been injured. The importance of situational awareness cannot be stressed enough. If you think it cannot happen to you, look at the map of incidents provided by the Emergency Responder Safety Institute. has a number of resources to assist emergency responders in their operation at highway incident scenes. Several technical documents are available. also has a number of SOGs related to roadway safety available for download.

The concept of protecting the work area using modified retired apparatus was last discussed in June 2020. Another resource to assist ES organizations using decommissioned apparatus is modifying them with traffic attenuators.

Your organization should take steps by reviewing the SOPs and SOGs related to roadway incidents followed by an ongoing training program related to those same guidelines.

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