VCOS Leading the Transition in Volunteer & Combination FDs

Technical BulletinLast updated Friday, April 5, 2019
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This IAFC VCOS booklet provides information on leading change in volunteer and combination departments

Supplemental Resources

Technical Bulletin

Values and the Combination Department

NFA EFO Applied Research Project sought to identify and assess the values of the personnel who serve as responders for the FD and adopt a relevant values statement

Technical Bulletin

Career Staffing Levels in Combination FDs

NFA EFO Applied Research Project sought to learn what criteria are used by combination FDs to determine acceptable career staffing levels

Technical Bulletin

Managing Volunteer & Combination ESOs: Tips for the FD CEO

Tackling ESO management for today's CEO in a time of change.

Technical Bulletin

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention in a Combination FD

NFA EFO Applied Research Project sought to determine what improvements to volunteer recruitment and retention methods are possible during the performance of a SAFER grant

Technical Bulletin

VCOS Leading & Managing EMS in Volunteer & Combination FDs

Booklet on key issues in managing EMS operations

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