Vehicle Rollover Prevention

Technical BulletinLast updated Friday, April 5, 2019
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This bulletin discusses how to prevent emergency vehicle rollover incidents.

Supplemental Resources


Emergency Vehicle Rollover Prevention

Online course discussing causes of and prevention of vehicle rollovers


Emergency Vehicle Rollover Prevention Video

Discusses causes of EV rollovers, physical dynamics & best practices


SOG Sample - Vehicle Rollover Prevention

Safe vehicle operation focused on rollover prevention

Technical Bulletin

LODD F2017-06 FF Dies in Tanker Rollover

An Oklahoma volunteer fire fighter died in a tanker rollover while responding to a working structure fire



Visual reminder to drivers about avoiding actions that can lead to rollovers

Technical Bulletin

Aerial Device Maintenance & Inspection Practices

Provides guidance on maintenance and inspection practices

Technical Bulletin

Vehicle Conversion and Overweight Vehicle Risks

Discusses risks with modified vehicles altered from their original use


Emergency Vehicle Response Guidelines

Basic emergency vehicle response guidelines and how to implement best practices.

Technical Bulletin

Maximum Response Speed

VFIS Risk Control Bulletin on maximum response speed recommendations

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