SOG Sample - Intersection Practices

SOGLast updated Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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To establish best practices for negotiating intersections, avoiding accidents, while operating emergency vehicles.

Supplemental Resources

Technical Bulletin

Intersection Practices

Discusses safe practices travelling through intersections


Intersection Safety

A training designed to reduce the number & severity of intersection accidents


Intersection Safety: An Introduction

This online VFIS-U training program serves as an introductory to intersection driving safety.


Intersection for EMS Safety Poster

Visual reminder to personnel that intersection safety begins with the driver operator and crew


Intersection Accidents - A View from the Inside

Discusses anatomy of intersection accidents

Technical Bulletin

Maximum Response Speed

VFIS Risk Control Bulletin on maximum response speed recommendations


Emergency Vehicle Driver Training - EVDT

Used to gain or verify a broad range of emergency vehicle operation competencies


Emergency Vehicle Response Guidelines on VFISU

Basic emergency vehicle response guidelines and how to implement best practices.


Drive Safe

A short, hard-hitting program on personal responsibility and mindful driving.


Who Holds the Key to Safe Emergency Vehicle Operations

How emergency service organizations can address vehicle safety as a team.

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