The Sterile Cab Concept in Practice

PodcastLast updated Tuesday, November 17, 2020
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Distracted driving is a significant factor in vehicle accidents and emergency services organizations (ESOs) are not immune to these incidents. Historically, emergency vehicles have had a degree of distraction built in by design with two-way radio traffic, sirens, air horns and flashing lights. Blair Tyndall discusses the origin of the sterile cab concept and how it can potentially reduce distracted driving in emergency response.

Supplemental Resources


SOG Sample - Sterile Cab

Guidance to create a sterile cab for enhanced vehicle operational safety.

Technical Bulletin

Distracted Driving - Sterile Cab

Discusses concept of sterile cab


Distracted Driving

This online VFIS-U course on best practices to avoid distracted driving


Preventing Distracted Driving - A Comprehensive Resource

This page provides information about the prevention of distracted driving, laws and other related resources.

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