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Employment Practice Liability (EPL) is an increasing concern for emergency service organizations nationwide. VFIS has amassed a wealth of articles, guides and best practices available to users of the system. Register today by clicking the Login button on the top right side of the page to access the FREE sample personnel manual which will be made available to you in your library on ResponderHelp.com on April 13, 2021. Organizations choosing to use this manual should carefully review its content to make certain each section is applicable to your ESO. Best practice suggests a review of this manual by your legal counsel should be completed prior to adopting the manual as policy. 

VFIS has published 35 newsletters on a variety of of employment practice liability subjects. Click on the VFIS Employment Practice Update Newsletters for more information. 

VFIS also recently released its Incident & Near Miss Investigation Guide.

Don't Risk It! podcasts in April focus on Sexual Harassment.  

The new anti-bias training program from VFIS Diversity Without Division discusses diversity and bias related issues in the ESO workplace.



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