Fire and EMS Personnel Manual

SOGLast updated Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Get your Fire and EMS Personnel Manual - FREE! Register today by clicking the Login button on the top right side of the page to access the personnel manual which will automatically be made available to you in your library after registration or simply click the button to download. The personnel manual has nine sections:

1.  Company Introduction - (10) policy sections

2.  Corporate information - (10) policy sections

3.  Employment - (22) policy sections

4.  Employment Benefits - (37) policy sections

5.  Ethics - (16) policy sections

6.  Personnel Actions and Records - (9) policy sections

7.  Conduct - (30) policy sections

8.  Safety - (8) policy sections

9.  Appendices - (18) reference documents and forms

Organizations choosing to use this manual should carefully review its content to make certain each section is applicable to your ESO. Best practice suggests a review of this manual by your legal counsel should be completed prior to adopting the manual as policy. 

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