Ambulance Passenger Guidelines

Technical BulletinLast updated Friday, April 5, 2019
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This article discusses guidelines to implement to manage ambulance passenger behaviors

Supplemental Resources

Technical Bulletin

Ambulance Passenger Guidelines

Guide on managing passengers in EMS vehicles

Technical Bulletin

Accident Investigation Guidebook

Guide to investigating department vehicle accidents

Technical Bulletin

Driver Monitoring Systems Bulletin

Discusses types and use of various monitoring systems

Technical Bulletin

Emergency Vehicle Driver Operator Requirements

Discusses general requirements of an emergency vehicle driver


SOG Sample - Non-Members Riding in ESO Vehicles

Risk management practices to be in place when non-members ride in ESO vehicles

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Distracted Driving - Know the Facts

Depicts causes of distracted driving and related prevention measures


Paratransit Vehicle Driving for Safe Client Experience

Introductory program on safe vehicle operation & best practices


Paratransit Safety Operations - An Introduction

Discusses value of a paratransit van vehicle safety program


Distracted Driving

This online VFIS-U course on best practices to avoid distracted driving


Seat Belt Safety

Online training program that promotes seat belt safety for first responders.


Drive Safe

A short, hard-hitting program on personal responsibility and mindful driving.


Ten Key Issues Affecting Safe Vehicle Operations

The top 10 issues impacting safe vehicle operations for EMS organizations.


Who Holds the Key to Safe Emergency Vehicle Operations

How emergency service organizations can address vehicle safety as a team.

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