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This policy template will provide guidance for facilitating the appropriate rehabilitation, including rest, rehydration, nutritional support and medical monitoring of emergency service responders and fire department members during emergency incidents

Supplemental Resources


Firefighter Rehab

Overview of a comprehensive firefighter rehabilitation plan


PA - Firefighter Rehab - Pennsylvania

Overview of firefighter rehabilitation in accordance with PA EMS protocols

Technical Bulletin

Rehabilitation Why and When

Reviews when and why you should use firefighter rehabilitation units

Technical Bulletin

Locating the Rehabilitation Unit

Reviews best practice considerations for locating the rehabilitation unit

Technical Bulletin

In the Rehabilitation Unit

Reviews expectations of actions taken in a rehabilitation unit

Technical Bulletin

Implementing the Rehabilitation Practices

Reviews implementation of a rehabilitation unit

Technical Bulletin

Equipping the Rehabilitation Unit

Reviews essential equipment and supplies needed to operate a rehabilitation unit

Technical Bulletin

Entering the Rehabilitation Unit

Reviews key points regarding an emergency worker entering the rehab unit

Technical Bulletin

Emergency Incident Rehabilitation

Reviews the need for rehab stations at fire incidents and training sites

Technical Bulletin

Discharge from Rehabilitation, Return to Duty

Reviews key points to permitting a firefighter to return to duty

Technical Bulletin

Assignment to the Rehabilitation Sector

Defines recommended time intervals between rehabilitation unit assignment

Technical Bulletin

Discharge from Rehab - Transport to Emergency Department

Key points to help determine the transport decision to the emergency department


Firefighter Rehabilitation

Article briefly discussing the need and basic function of rehabilitation

Technical Bulletin

Rehabilitation & Medical Evaluation

Discusses need for rehab & medical clearance prior to being released from scene

Technical Bulletin

Staffing the Rehabilitation Sector

Reviews best practices for staffing the rehabilitation sector

Technical Bulletin

NFPA 1584 Standard on the Rehabilitation for Members

NFPA 1584 Standard on the Rehabilitation for Members during emergency operations and training exercises scope. Fee required

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