SOG Sample - Authorization to Operate POV as an Emergency Vehicle

SOGLast updated Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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This SOG will provide guidance on operating a POV as an emergency vehicle

Supplemental Resources


Emergency Vehicle Driver Training - EVDT

Used to gain or verify a broad range of emergency vehicle operation competencies


Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Operations

This online VFIS-U course is designed to aid in the national effort to reduce privately owned vehicle (POV) crashes while responding to emergency incidents

Technical Bulletin

Personal Vehicle Response

VFIS Risk Control Bulletin on personal vehicle response and recommendations for standard operating guidelines


Personal Vehicle Safety Checklist

VFIS form to record a safety check of a personal vehicle

Technical Bulletin

Vehicle Rollover Prevention

Discusses common causes of emergency vehicle rollovers


Emergency Vehicle Rollover Prevention

Online course discussing causes of and prevention of vehicle rollovers


Emergency Vehicle Rollover Prevention Video

Discusses causes of EV rollovers, physical dynamics & best practices

Technical Bulletin

Street Highway Off Road Driving Evaluation

Checklist evaluating drivers on various road surfaces


Distracted Driving

This online VFIS-U course on best practices to avoid distracted driving

Technical Bulletin

Distracted Driving - Sterile Cab

Discusses concept of sterile cab

Technical Bulletin

Distracted Driving - Know the Facts

Depicts causes of distracted driving and related prevention measures

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